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The RRA recognizes that the Rail Industry in Africa is budding with opportunities and believes that these opportunities must definitely industrialize Africa. This should be a motivation for all industry organizations to join the RRA in its effort to clustering and uniting the entire industry to make the most of the opportunities ahead.

About Us

RRA was officially established on 11 October 2000. Over 20 major companies and organisations are now members. Support for the creation of RRA came from the Committee for Railway Engineering (CRE) in 1998. At the time, CRE represented a group professional road and railway engineers, including academics who had become...


The RRA targets projects while in the early stages (inception, planing phase and execution)  of development to ensure maximum participation for its membership. As new projects come up in the entire African Continent, we go there to showcase and sell the ability and competencies of our entire database and the...

RRA Philosophy

It is our passion to unite the Industry and prepare it for upcoming projects in the entire continent. and we understand perfectly that this exercise requires us to understand our capacity, our present state and where we want to go. Hence our approach for a competitive solution involves technical competency, cutting edge technology and innovative financing.

The RRA is therefore involved within a number of programmes to yield a positive impact and add value to all its members and the Industry at large.  This is what creates a positive impact to the members of the Association and Industry as the RRA is not conflicted on the following issues.

  1. Industry Development: Partnerships with strategic departments of government  and the relevant institutions of higher learning.
  2. Designation Policy Implementation: Aligning the Industry development to the set targets of the policy come up with proposition to close the gaps between the developments in the industry and the set objectives of the policy.
  3. State Procurement Forum: Make use of this forum to facilitate market access for the industry
  4. Export Capacity enhancement: to position the SA Rail Industry in line with the planned projects in the African Continent.
  5. Presentations: Attend conferences, exhibitions and meetings to promote the benefits of investment and industrialization.

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