RRA was officially established on 11 October 2000. Over 20 major companies and organisations are now members. Support for the creation of RRA came from the Committee for Railway Engineering (CRE) in 1998. At the time, CRE represented a group professional road and railway engineers, including academics who had become increasingly concerned that South Africa’s transport resources were not being utilised in the most effective manner. Pierre Lombard, CRE Chairman, thought that an independent transport industry support group representing in particular, private industry, could rise above narrow sectarian and modal interests.

 The RRA Steering Committee was established, with Bill Strong, a well-known industry leader, being the Chairman. Working with John Thompson, Allen Jorgensen, John Morgan and assisted by other industry role players, a constitution and business plan was prepared. The new organisation made its début at the Africa Rail 2000 Conference and Exhibition in June 2000. This was so successful that formalisation of the group’s activities followed.

 The RailRoad Association believes that it can make a positive contribution towards resolving South Africa’s serious transport problems. It wishes to create a forum for discussion and debate amongst industry leaders, politicians and the general public at large. Highlighting the complex issues that must be resolved will be treated as a matter of urgency. A better understanding of these issues and their inter-relationship is essential for all South Africans. RRA will also encourage the development of greater trust and a closer working relationship between members of the South African rail and road industry.

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  1. Provide Independent, objective and technically sound information.
  2. Advise and provide expertise to decision makers.
  3. Address Environment and Safety Considerations.

Rail Revitalization



  1. Organize the Rail industry to meet and participate in the current and future opportunities.
  2. Be a source for information on opportunities and solutions to challenges.
  3. Business matching service between members and market place.
  4. Participate in technical audits, standard preparation and reviews.
  5. Help to address the challenges and opportunities facing project winners and the runners up in the country.
  6. Grow the exports and exporter base.
  7. Help Address BBBEE understanding and implementation.
  8. Facilitate localization.

Technical Center of Excellence


  1. Provide technical information and representation on rail subjects.
  2. Assist in formulation of technical standards.
  3. Partnership with academic institutions and other associations.
  4. Youth Programs, Skills and Training.
  5. Assist and facilitate with your programs, skills and training.
  6. Facilitate re-sourcing.

Export council



  1. Grow Export Volumes and Values
  2. Diversify export products.
  3. Diversify export market.
  4. Diversify export base.
  5. Become more representative of exports in Rail.
  6. Grow the membership base to include emerging exporters (SMME and BBBEE).
  7. Align the Association and its members with the Government Priorities..
  8. Improve communication between all export stakeholders

Read the company’s Article of Association and to join the RRA click here