Rail Shunting Operations

This is SAFLog’s main area of operation and experience.  We can provide a fully outsourced shunting operation to meet a client’s needs in a safe, reliable and effective manner.  SAFLog has proved itself as a preferred supplier to Transnet Freight Rail (see recommendation letter) and other clients for this service.

We strive to build strong long-term mutually beneficial relationships with our stakeholders.  We have good strong relationships with Transnet Freight Rail which put us in good stead to achieve effective rail solutions for our clients.  We go the extra mile to meet and exceed the customer’s needs.

SAFLog takes responsibility for the safe and efficient movement of rolling stock at the customer’s plant.  We shunt/marshal loaded or empty wagons to required loading and off-loading bays according to the customers operational schedules.  We also marshal empty or loaded rail wagons to form block trains or train sets for dispatch or collection at designated points for Transnet Freight Rail to haul to various destinations throughout South Africa and the neighbouring countries.

We tailor-make solutions for every shunting operation to optimise safety and efficiency.

Rail Track Maintenance

SAFLog’s rail track maintenance process involves an initial comprehensive inspection phase, whereby a detailed track report is provided detailing the present track status.  Recommendations and quotations for repairs will guide and determine the degree of service required on turnouts and tracks  and this becomes a departure point for a Service Level Agreement.

We have qualified and experienced staff that have done  both surface and underground rail maintenance.

We do upgrading and maintenance of branch lines as well as new installations, including maintenance of Overhead Traction Equipment (OHTE).

Rolling Stock Maintenance

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 SAFLog repairs, upgrades and refurbishes various makes and types of locomotives and rail wagons at its main workshop in Modderfontein.  It also uses satellite workshops for maintenance at various customer facilities to optimise operational efficiencies and costs.
We hire out various sizes of locomotives to suit the needs of the client for varying periods. We also do maintenance on various types of locomotives and rail wagons, including refurbishment.

Rail Safety Consulting

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The service we provide entails the development of a Safety Management System (SMS), liaison with the Railway Safety Regulator (RSR), and the development and implementation of Rail Safety programs including monitoring and reporting for Network, Train and Station Operators.

Rail Freight Handling

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Rail freight handling includes tippler operations for off-loading, bulk tanker loading and off-loading, tarping and de-tarping of rail trucks as well as the preparation of rail trucks for loading and off-loading.  SAFLog also does freight handling using other techniques and equipment, e.g. including the use of front-end loaders, grabs, conveyors, etc.

Supply of Key Rail Personnel

This is the provision of trained and qualified train drivers, shunters, train assistants and rail track maintenance gangs on long and short term employment basis, depending on customer needs.

Locomotive Hire

We have a variety of types and sizes of locomotives available for hire.  We have the ability to source other locomotives to suit our client’s needs when necessary.

To list but a few of our locomotives that are part of our fleet and hired out to clients based on their specific needs:

El Brams
GM Class 35

Plymouth Locomotive

Plymouth Locomotive weigh 20 tons, and has a Caterpillar 4 turbo-charger engine, it is prop shaft & chain driven and has a throttle handle and two levers, “forward and reverse gear”, it is equipped with its own independent brakes, and uses airbrake for loco and vacuum for the train, it can only be driven on the right hand side of the cabin. It hauls a maximum of 5 loaded or 6 empty wagons, it has an estimated top speed of about 20km per hour, and it is suitable for shunting purposes.

GM Class 35 Locomotive

This is an 85 tonner diesel-electric locomotive with an eight cylinder turbocharged engine (2 strokes), it has x 6 D29 traction motors, one on each axle (Co-Co).   It has a fuel tank capacity of more than 3000 liters, and can only be driven from the right hand side of the cabin.  It hauls up to 40 loaded wagons subject to the track conditions.  It operates on either airbrake or vacuum brakes.  This locomotive type can be utilized for either mainline or shunting purpose depending on the requirements.

Click here to see the specifications 

Ajax Locomotive

The Ajax locomotive weights 37 tons;  it is a Union Carriage product with a 6 cylinder Caterpillar engine, a prop shaft and a twin discs/automatic transmission. It has two sides on the cabin from where it can be driven “left or right hand side” however it only has one door.  It has the capacity to move 5 loaded or 6 empty wagons at any given time, it has an estimated top speed of 30km per hour, and operates on either airbrake or vacuum braking systems. It is most suitable for shunting.

Road-to-Rail Conversion


Is a 5 tonner machine that can operate and shift on/from both road (rubber tyers) and rail (rail wheels). It moves, pulls and pushes a small number of rail wagons at a time. It is often called a towing or shunting vehicle, and could also be used as a maintenance apparatus.

Windhoff Locomotive

This is an 80 ton train mover capable of moving a huge block train through loading or offloading facilities at low shunting / crawling speeds. It is a diesel hydraulic locomotive with driver cabins on each end.

Manganese Ore Rail Terminal

SAFLog has built and established a Manganese Ore Rail Terminal at Lohatlha near Postmansburg in the Northern Cape. The terminal receives Manganese ore by road from the emerging miners in the area. Stock parcels are then created and are bulk loaded onto rail wagons for Transnet Freight Rail to be transported to Balk Connections in Durban from where it is then exported. A 35 000 ton shipment was delivered to the first client, Lidino, on the 5th of August 2013. Other initial customers are PMG, Timasani and Sebilo.

SAFLog is proud to be involved in this dynamic project , assisting in the movement of cargo from road to rail and contributing towards the transformation of mining in South Africa.

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