The RRA targets projects while in the early stages (inception, planing phase and execution)  of development to ensure maximum participation for its membership. As new projects come up in the entire African Continent, we go there to showcase and sell the ability and competencies of our entire database and the Rail industry, enticing project sponsors and managers with our experience and track record where necessary. in the future we are looking forward to an archive of opportunities in the entire African continent, but the RRA has specific targeted project.

The RRA has initiated talks on the following projects:

  1. The Zimbabwe Rail infrastructure and Rolling stock upgrade.
  2. The Lappset Project in Kenya.
  3. Enterprise development working with Gibela Rail.
  4. Enterprise development working with the DTI (ISO Accreditation and business banchmarking)
  5. Local Exhibitions (Subsidized  by the RRA & the DTI, only for members)
  6. International Exhibitions (Working with The DTI)

Contact the RRA office if you would like to find out more about any or all of the above.